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What is a "press offer" entitlement?

IanSharar22IanSharar22 Posts: 22 Oculus Start Member
     I just recently released my first VR game on the Oculus Store, Liberty Lane!
It's going pretty well, but I did have a question: when I check out the Entitlements for they day, I keep seeing things like "Oculus Employee Offer" and "Press Offer."  I think the Oculus Employee is pretty self explanatory, but today, two Press Entitlements have happened, I'm just curious what that even means? 

Ian Sharar


  • IanSharar22IanSharar22 Posts: 22 Oculus Start Member
    I think I just answered my own question. I should have kept reading. I swear that never happens lol

    "There are certain cases where temporary entitlements will be granted to Oculus employees and press."
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