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Imposible to get App Secret code.

JocyfJocyf Posts: 1
After pressing "See Current Secret"  the page ask you for your password for security reasons. So I write it and press "Submit" and it just keeps there processing something. No message errors you just get an endless circle rotating in the "Submit" button and that's it.
So I can't get the App Secret.

I always enter to the developer page using my Facebook account so I suposse the password I have to enter is my Facebook one, isn`t it?




  • justiceincjusticeinc Posts: 17
    Same issue here, 3 weeks later. We have an app in alpha testing and wanted to upload a new build. However, in the time since our first submit (Dec) a new rule has been implemented that >200mb apk's can only be uploaded via a CLI tool. The CLI tool needs the secret key, and the interface to view the secret key is totally borked as OP says. So we're totally stuck without a way to push updates.
  • MacawenaMacawena Posts: 1
    Same problem here.
  • SokuhatikuSokuhatiku Posts: 1
    I had same problem and contacted to Oculus.
    Their response is to use account which added to the "Admin" group of your organization.

    My problem has been solved with tried it.
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