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Quest Unity Local Multiplayer

Is there any reason Photon Unity Networking Classic won't work for the Quest?  I'm new to mobile, and it will take me a while to test with multiple Quests, so I'd really benefit from someone who has prior experience with this. 

I'm using OVR (I hear it's necessary to update frequently for Quest dev).  My experience is for five players, and does not require matching at the moment.  However it is local, so I will need to align each player's coordinate system (and continue aligning them over the course of the 10 min experience to avoid drift).

Any heads up about potential issues or recommendations would be much appreciated.  It seems as though Photon Classic is the best way to go, but I am also open to trying PUN 2, U-Net, or anything else that might work better for a local Quest multiplayer experience. 

If you know of any good tutorials or repositories to check out, that would be awesome!!  Thank you in advance!  


  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Hey @Atley, have you by any chance looked into the Oculus solution?

    We have a sample (Social starter) which provides avatars, already hooked up with networking and VoIP. 
  • AtleyAtley Posts: 15
    Brain Burst
    No, I didn't even know about it.  But this looks like a great place to start.  

    Will the Social Starter by chance be offering support for drift?

    I'd like to expand the max room scan size by about 10x.  I'd like to pre-load the room scan to our Quests.  Could you advice?  I believe the OC5 teams running Superhot had to solve something close to this...
  • TheGRIDVRTheGRIDVR Posts: 1
    Has anyone gotten Social Starter to work with Unity and the Quest?  It crashes shortly after export to the quest from Unity and there seems to be a lack of Quest specific documentation. I plugged in the Rift in an attempt to debug the Quest project and get Entitlement errors, etc. 
  • vrz_devvrz_dev Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Any update on this topic? I would like to create a social experience too and I’m undecided between the social starter project (which apparently doesn’t work), rooms (no tutorial) and Photon2
  • Metal_MultiballMetal_Multiball Posts: 167
    lsummers said:
    Hoping to do a video on it at some point.
    I will watch your video, please update this post when ready. 💪
  • VJ76VJ76 Posts: 49
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    @lsummers i'm also interested  B) hope it is soon
  • lsummerslsummers Posts: 25 Oculus Start Member
    I'm debating right now if we continue on with Photon or take the opportunity to learn more about Improbable as I'd LOVE to see us transform it from a 20 player arena game to an MMO.  But will update soon!  First, I promised the Oculus guys I'd tear apart the OVR framework and go into some of the explanations on why I think people are struggling to get content on the Quest
  • vrz_devvrz_dev Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Quick recap:
    1) Photon - requires OVR framework modifications (looking forward to the video)
    2)  Social Starter - deprecated - still no news about that

    3) Platform SDK - room - 
    I’m thinking to use this options for my first prototype on Quest. Do you know if it’s possible building a custom room?

    the problem is always the same: lack of good simple tutorials and no response from the Oculus team (I bombed them with emails and support tickets...nothing)
  • BBigGBBigG Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    We are also thinking about creating a multiplayer experience. Did anybody make some progress on the Oculus P2P solution? Or any further learning from using PUN or UNet?
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  • MassiveStateMassiveState Posts: 44 Oculus Start Member
    - I have implemented Oculus p2p on my Go app, it's been a hassle when we connect more than 4 users together and because we're not approved for quest yet it's been a bummer.

    - I did some digging into Agones/Google cloud.. still seems like a viable option

    - I'm in process of switching to Photon, it's fairly easy so far I'm digging it.
    - I've also tried out Normcore.io this was super easy, but was struggling with integration of Oculus Avatars, it's really good if you're creating your own avatars
  • Zig420Zig420 Posts: 27 Oculus Start Member
    Any news on this? Still can't find anything on how to do this.
  • chris.banwell.3chris.banwell.3 Posts: 10
    Same here, any pointer/tutorials anybody
  • paulodgnpaulodgn Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    We are using Photon for a multiplayer demo on the Quest. It works pretty good, but we were having problems using oculus avatar so we created or own avatars. Check out Photon documentation:


  • paulodgnpaulodgn Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    We are using Photon for a multiplayer demo on the Quest. It works pretty good, but we were having problems using oculus avatar so we created or own avatars. Check out Photon documentation:


  • feier10feier10 Posts: 1
    edited October 2019
    Hello. Could anyone tell me how i can test the app I created with photon on the quest? I have two quests but using the photon tutorial (on the photon website) on avatars and prior tutorials nothing works. I can not see the remote avatar on any device but also don't know if the avatars simply may be buggy. 
  • weirdmonkey2807weirdmonkey2807 Posts: 16
    Brain Burst
    @feier10 I am not sure you can use the Avatars on Quest. Avatar access requires platform features which you can only get if you have been approved to develop for the Quest. I might be wrong and things might have changed on this but we have tried this a while ago on Unreal and the Oculus Team confirmed this.
  • paulodgnpaulodgn Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    @feier10 try to create your own Avatars. We also couldn´t see anything with Oculus Avatar SDK.
  • DigitalIPete2DigitalIPete2 Posts: 2
    Did anyone get Quest / Unity / UNET / Multiplayer working yet?  Where are the docs?  examples? tutorials?
  • ScraboShepherdScraboShepherd Posts: 2
    In the recent weeks I found 3 Teams who already made a similar local multiplayer game with Quest as Oculus promoted the Quest on the Connect event with Dead'n'Buried. The Canadian Phenomena made a game named Versus. It's a "lasertag" shooter game for 1vs1 up to 4vs4 players or maybe more. They using a PC as a server with no internet connection, and the quests connected to this via wifi. There is a team in Vietnam, I have no info about them. And I found an article about a company from New-Zeland on the STUFF dot CO dot NZ site. I'm new here, can't share the links, but here is some names for googling: Phenomena - Verus VR Laser Tag; Oddball - The company from Wellington; Holomia XR - Mission X from Vietnam(Youtube...) .

    So there is some light in the mystique of Quest based local multiplayer development. Searching for this knowledge and asking people about this is my daily routine now.
    Is there anyone who found any usable documentation, technical blueprint to set up this thing in unity? Do you know someone, who know something? Do you know other teams or companies who break this wall already? Please share the info. Hi5 fam!
  • CPYXCPYX Posts: 3
    I mean in the 12.0 update for Oculus integration in the OVR Manager there is a field for Target Devices size and you can choose multiple Quests or Gear VR for the OVR Camera Rig. Not sure if that's how it will work. ONly have one Quest. Would buy a second one if Multiplayer is easy to develop for with Unity.
  • DanielXRDanielXR Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any success or seen working tutorials/demo for setting up an Oculus Avatar (Go/Quest) based multiplayer use case.  I'm trying to get the bare minimum 2 avatars, in Unity with PUN2 - really basic interaction in a simple room, I thought this would have been completed a thousand times or more but its proving hard to find working information or even demos. hitting nothing but dead ends :-( @Isummers did you get any further with a video tutorial. Any info much appreciated.
  • psychicpotatopsychicpotato Posts: 1
    The furthest I've gone was with trying to port an existing, functioning Oculus Rift multiplayer setup to the Quest, albeit unsuccessfully. The main issue seems to lie with Oculus Avatar - all the PUN2 infrastructure I've implemented work (voice chat and photon transforms), but there just seems to be no way the Avatar loads upon initiation.

    At this time I'm really tempted to just go the route of creating our own Avatar as @paulodgn suggested, though we're unsure if there's documentation/tutorials on that (most of what we find is how to make an avatar...in VRchat).
  • HimataioHimataio Posts: 1
    Poking the thread to see if any seeds of knowledge shake out. 

    Has anyone found a site or support forum for developing local multiplayer? The default avatar seems to be an issue, has anyone found success with a replacement avatar from the Unity store? 
  • bjorn.sysebjorn.syse Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    You could try to use the CustomHands prefab from the sampleFramework also. If you only need hands that is
  • Archi16Archi16 Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    Any new here?  is there anyone who succeed with oculus avatars and multiplayer?
    Im  made my custom avatar system and connected with photonengine. everything works great.
    Now i want to connect oculus avatar to Photonengine.   and seems it impossible or will require a lot of time and script changes.
  • matiasbrumatiasbru Posts: 16
    Brain Burst
    I have the same question.
    I'm currently working on a VR multiplayer local experience using Photon PUN2 and Oculus Quest 2 devices, everything works great. After a couple of hours trying to find the solution, I just bought this asset and it's working like a charm. It's even working with HandTracking, as I've requested the dev to implement it. Just keep in mind, it's using custom avatars with hand clone prefabs from the original Oculus SDK.

    But I can't find a way to get (real and virtual) spatial alignment.    

    I found that Hololens is using something called "Azure Anchors" for spatial alignment. In this case, the first user creates an Azure Anchor point and store the anchor information in the Azure resource, then they share this anchor data among the new users/devices. It would be so could to have a similar implementation for the Quest2 + Photon.

    These are the steps for the Hololens, it would be a nice guide to try to implement something similar:
    1. On-device 1: Start the app (the Rover Explorer is instantiated and placed on the table)
    2. On-device 2: Start the app (both users see the table with the Rover Explorer, but the table does not appear in the same place and the user avatars do not appear where the users are)
    3. On-device 1: Press the Start Azure Session button
    4. On-device 1: Press the Create Azure Anchor button (creates anchor at the location of the TableAnchor object and stores the anchor information in the Azure resource).
    5. On-device 1: Press the Share Azure Anchor button (shares the anchor ID with other users in real-time)
    6. On-device 2: Press the Start Azure Session button
    7. On-device 2: Press the Get Azure Anchor button (connects to the Azure resource to retrieve the anchor information for the shared anchor ID then moves the TableAnchor object to the location where the anchor was created with the device 1)
    More info here:
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