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Pause game node still allows headset to move

ODIAKGamesODIAKGames Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member
edited February 8 in Unreal Development
Unreal 4.19

Pause game (Set Game Paused node) still allows the headset to move around, pause works and all gameplay stops but you can still walk around and the screen updates

I think this is causing me to fail the test"TestSubmitFrameWhenNotVisible" with the OculusVRCValidator (vrc-pc-input-1)
"Commited a testure swap chain (called OVR_CommitTextureSwapChain) when application not visible"

I had no bother passing the other tests but this one has me stumped.

Am I doing something daft here?  Is there a node to suspend rendering?



  • iansharariansharar Posts: 15 Oculus Start Member

    these are the two things I did to pass the whole pause requirement thing. I put em in the level blueprint.

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