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1.3.4 Audio SDK native OSX framework missing symbolic link -- and fix

grrrwaaagrrrwaaa Posts: 8
Hello, I saw there was a macub/OVRAudio.framework in the 1.3.4 audio SDK and was excited to build our spatialization engine for OSX, but the framework itself seems to be missing some packaging.

First, an essential symbolic link file is missing from inside the framework, causing 'framework not found' errors in Xcode. It is easy to fix in the terminal:

ln -s OVRAudio.framework/Versions/A/OVRAudio OVRAudio.framework/OVRAudio

Second, the install_name is set up for I guess a machine at Oculus (see result of `otool -L OVRAudio.framework/OVRAudio`), and needs changing to something more generic to be usable in other projects. For example, this will allow it to be loaded from inside the /Frameworks folder inside an app or bundle:

install_name_tool -id "@loader_path/../Frameworks/OVRAudio.framework/OVRAudio" OVRAudio.framework/OVRAudio

Figured this info would be helpful if anyone else had the same trouble. 


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