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LogOnlineIdentity: Warning: Oculus: Failed Oculus login.

AgentSmithhAgentSmithh Posts: 8
edited February 2019 in Unreal Development

I get the following error on starting/loading my UE4 project:

LogOnline: Display: Oculus: FOnlineSubsystemOculus::InitWithWindowsPlatform()
LogOnlineIdentity: Warning: Oculus: Failed Oculus login. Not currently logged into Oculus.  Make sure Oculus is running and you are entitled to the app.

But I am logged in. Oculus Home is running. Never had this before with my settings.

As a result I get entitlement check errors while packaging for Android. I had this a few engine version ago and solved that by removing OVREntitlementChecker from GearVR_APL.xml.

Codeworks 1R7
Oculus Home 1.34
Oculus OnlineSubSystem version 1.24.0
Entitlement node included

Any idea?


  • SkulltullazSkulltullaz Posts: 42
    Brain Burst
    I experienced this same issue. I am using Unreal Engine 4.21 and my target hardware is Oculus Go with the Oculus Platform SDK.

    I tried every combination of App Id's in the DefaultEngine.ini file, removing the same line from the XML file, and building Oculus' version of the Unreal Engine and none of that worked.

    I discovered that when I used the App Id of an Oculus Rift app, this warning does not occur and the Verify Entitlement blueprint node always succeeds, but for Oculus Go & Gear VR apps, the warning occurs and Verify Entitlement always fails.
  • beaulima9933beaulima9933 Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
    edited March 2019

    @AgentSmithh @Skulltullaz

    To be enable to retrieve Oculus ID and verify Entitlement with the Oculus Go and Quest (Rift is OK)



    Line 26


    DelegateHandle = Online::GetIdentityInterface()->AddOnLoginCompleteDelegate_Handle(


    DelegateHandle = OculusIdentityInterface->AddOnLoginCompleteDelegate_Handle(


    Reference: https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine/pull/26

    also the Oculus Go/Quest will use GearVRAppID found in the Developer Dashboard 
  • AgentSmithhAgentSmithh Posts: 8
    Thanks for responding. I applied your suggestion unfortunately without result.
  • AgentSmithhAgentSmithh Posts: 8
    I just tested with engine version 4.20.3 and the Oculus entitlement works perfectly fine. No errors. Same setup in 4.21.1 and 4.21.2 and Oculus entitlement fails.
  • GRINKEGRINKE Posts: 9 Oculus Start Member
    I'm getting the same error in 4.23.1
  • GameOnNCGameOnNC Posts: 5
    Brain Burst
    Same error in 4.25.1
  • 7777ivan7777ivan Posts: 3
    in 4.24.3 entitlement works but afterwards user id check fails with this message:
    Oculus: Failed Oculus login. Not currently logged into Oculus.  Make sure Oculus is running and you are entitled to the app.
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