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Need a developer

dedazodedazo Posts: 1
Need a developer to create an oculus go app that will allow a download of 3d tours to the Oculus go. So it does not have to be connected to the internet, and also create a Kiosk on the Oculus go, so that it directly opens when Oculus go is powered.
Any help ? Paying job



  • BuwubiBuwubi Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    hi @dedazo

    As a developer, the following info would help me better understand the project:

    1. What is the process of acquiring the "3d tour" objects, is that part of the app or is every tour a separate app
    2. What format are the tours in and what is their general polycount
    3. Does lighting information come with the tour object or is lighting going to have to be made from scratch
    4. When you say the Kiosk shows up when the GO is powered, does that mean a separate app that replaces Home
    5. What are the functions of the Kiosk
    6. What is your budget

    I think covering those should help you attract more developers :)
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