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[go] 30fps and i don't know why

gagagugagagu Posts: 23
Brain Burst
i've made the fps visibel (with stat fps and OVRMetricsTool) and realized that is incredibly low (30fps). To check out the reason i've made all Objects hidden except the base room (4 walls) the result is nearly 30fps..

The i've made a new Level with only a floor, my pawn, sky and sun…. the result is nearly 30 fps.
I have a smal test Project and loaded it to the go, it has 60fps and everything is green.

I've compared all config files with the working Project and made it nearly the same (except Level Name), delete the intermediate and the build directories.
The result is nearly 30 fps.

Now i Need a little help to find out what's the reason for this.

Any ideas? Thx Forward!


  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 168 Oculus Start Member
    Are you using the mobile template OR hdr? All lights are static?
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