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Paid Opportunity: Help Us Demo Our VR Game at GDC!

The_AtomThe_Atom Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member

We are seeking three people to play our new multi-player VR game during GDC!

Thunderballs (http://thunderballsvr.com/) is designed for 4-players. We want everyone stopping by our booth to have the full 4-player experience and therefore want to have 3 additional players standing by at all times. While we may wish for one person to be on site, we expect most will play remotely.

IMPORTANT: to fill this off-site role, you will need to have your own Oculus Rift setup.

We are looking for 3 people for each of the following days. We are happy to have someone work more than one day. Please respond only if you can work at least one entire day (no partial days).

  • Wednesday, 3/20 9:45am-6pm
  • Thursday, 3/21 9:45am-6pm
  • Friday, 3/22 9:45am-3pm

We look forward to hearing from you!

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