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Microphone with Oculus Go/Spotify

madelkmadelk Posts: 4
I am creating a music visualization application for the Oculus go, to allow people to play their own music and have the environment move with it. I was wondering if anyone has got the input from the microphone working, and if it would be viable for the product, or if there is Spotify API that works with the Oculus Go. Thanks.


  • vjfadervjfader Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
    I got mic input working on the Go using Unity, however there's some noticeable delay, where the effect is like an echo as you hear your own voice coming out of the headphones.

    I would be curious about Spotify integration for the Go as well.

    What kind of project are you working on? My audio visual experience is turning into a rhythm game, EDMT is the working title.
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