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Virtual reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize after importing oculus integration

d30tajimad30tajima Posts: 2
Hi, all.

I'm facing problems building VR app in Unity.

For using oculus touch in unity, I imported latest oculus integration from unity asset store. 
After importing, the virutal reality SDK oculus failed to initialize. Thus, I couldn't see game view from oculus CV1. 

By the way, before importing, I confirmed to see game via HMD correctly. 

Is there any way to solve this problem? 
Please let me know. 

The error massage, player setting, and versions of unity, oculus, oculus app version were as follows.  

Unity  2018.3.6f1
Oculus app
Oculus intergration 1.34
Oculus (desktop) 1.29.1


  • d30tajimad30tajima Posts: 2
    I found the temporary solution of this problem.
    After trying down-grade of oculus integration from 1.34 to 1.24, virtual reality SDK oculus run correctly.
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