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Jittery Camera using LWRP on Gear VR

CurtisCurtis Posts: 92
Hiro Protagonist
edited February 2019 in Unity Development

I am testing the waters for Quest development, so until that arrives I am using my Gear VR with my S8 (both use the same snapdragon) to get a rough idea of the technical limitations I will be facing.

My first step is to get LWRP working on my gear VR, but when I build a scene and run it on my phone, the image is very jittery, even the Unity Logo jitters before I launch my simple scene.

When I get into the scene, I can see my geometry/lights and actually looks like an OK frame rate, but the camera just freaks out.  The right eye is way worse then the left.

Any tips on fixing this problem?

edit: I am using Unity 2018.3.5 with the latest LWRP package through the package manager, oculus for android from the package manager, and latest oculus pack from the asset store.
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