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How to override avatar material/shader?

JoeS2018JoeS2018 Posts: 29 Oculus Start Member
I want to use Oculus avatars in my game, but I need to make them fit in better with our aesthetic (Beatron 2000 has a sort of Tron-style look).  So I want to replace the normal material with my own material and shader.

But it's not clear to me where or when I hook into the avatar support scripts to do this as part of the avatar loading process.  Any suggestions?


  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Hey @JoeS2018

    Beatron 2000 looks cool! I assume that you’re developing on Unity?

    The avatar shaders are available in unity to be tweaked, and I could certainly see you pulling off some cool effects by overriding things like ‘hair color’ into neons just by understanding the avatar component and it’s .rgb value. Will follow up with the .cs location of our shaders.

    Swapping out textures themselves gets a little more complex, as particularly on mobile, the mesh combining atlasses them all into a texture array. I’ll look into this for you and report back.
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