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Cannot package UE4 project: "ovr_PopMessage already defined"

I'm trying to package a project in UE4, and it's throwing the following error during the build process:

UE4-OnlineSubsystemOculus-Win64-Shipping.lib(Module.OnlineSubsystemOculus.cpp.obj) : error LNK2005: ovr_PopMessage already defined in LibOVRPlatform64_1.lib(LibOVRPlatform64_1.dll)

Everything works fine in the editor, it just won't package.

Why is there a conflict between OnlineSubsystemOculus and LibOVRPlatform...? Aren't these both Oculus libraries?

I have tried doing totally clean rebuilds of the project and the issue persists.

Anyone know what's going on here?


  • localstarlightlocalstarlight Posts: 29
    Brain Burst
    Still haven't solved this...

    Anyone know why these two Oculus libraries are clashing with each other?!
  • localstarlightlocalstarlight Posts: 29
    Brain Burst
    No idea what the problem was here, but upgrading the project to UE4.21 (standard version, not Oculus branch) fixed the issue.
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