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Which Oculus integration in Epic Launcher Version of UE 4.22?

MrComfortMrComfort Posts: 28
Brain Burst
Does anybody know which Oculus integration version will be shipped with the epic launcher version of Unreal 4.22? I am desperately waiting for 1.32 or higher as it includes the fix to the Oculus Sub System Matchmaking bug.


  • beaulima9933beaulima9933 Posts: 50 Oculus Start Member
    Epic-launcher 4.22 preview 3:

    Oculus VR Plugin 1.32
    Platform SDK 1.24
    Audio SDK 1.18
    Avatar SDK1.31

    vs Oculus-branch
    Oculus VR Plugin 1.35
    Platform SDK 1.34
    Audio SDK 1.34
    Avatar SDK1.31
  • MrComfortMrComfort Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Fantastic, thank you so much! 
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