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Maximum 360 videos size in Unity

I'm finding it difficult to find out the maximum package size for an app published to Oculus Go. 
I have seen discussion of 4GB and increases possible through downloadable content.
The reason I ask is we are creating an app with quite a lot of stereo 360 video with Unity3D. 
We will have approx 30GB of content and I would like to package this all in one, is that possible? 
Also even if it's not possible through a release or the store can we do this locally by sideloading? 
We would look to use a cloud service for downloadable content in the future but obviously this 
has a cost implication so for the moment for our minimal viable product we will simply sideload 
content whilst on trial. Is it possible to sideload extra content in this way or to sideload a larger apk containing the 360 video files.

Thanks a lot


  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 138
    I would look into AssetBundles for this.  You can have the app load up normally, and then get the video content from an assetBundle remotely stored at runtime.  I don't think there is any restriction on sideloading as long as the headset physically has enough memory, but that is more of a development method than production.
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