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What is entitlement check?How/When do I have to use it in my game?

waad.hashemwaad.hashem Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member
Hey everyone, new developer here :) 
I've been reading the documentation like a nerd recently. I'm working with a small team on a new game for Oculus Rift, and things are going really well.. However there are loads of things that I (as a beginner developer ) have no idea what they are like entitlement check . As I understand so far, it's a code in the game that insures that only verified users can access the game, and therefor it should run at the start of the game right? So is there a ready (copy paste) code to do this? Why did Oculus remove the entitlement check documentation to archive and replace it with the platform documentation? I mean can we do the check using the platform SDK? 
I hope I can get enough help here, thanks.


  • NeontopNeontop Posts: 232 Oculus Start Member
    Hello @waad.hashem .The Entitlement is inside the platform SDK because there is an example on how to use it.
    For example you can implement the code to check the Entitlement inside the main widget menu and display information about the user and if the Entitlement was ok.
    There is a lot to learn from the UE4 example coming with the Platform SDK.

  • waad.hashemwaad.hashem Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member
    Thank you very much! 
  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 138
    There is an included entitlementcheck.cs script.  It is an Oculus store requirement that this is ran within 10 seconds of your app starting and failed checks are handled.  It's just to confirm the user has legitimate access to the app (has purchased or is on registered device if free).  I just have it run when the app starts, and if the check fails, application.quit.  That passed the store requirement at least, I'm not sure if you want/need to do more with it.  Hope that helps some.
  • waad.hashemwaad.hashem Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks @JacksonGordon ,great way to explain!  I have found the script in the samples and it worked like a charm
  • KuroInkHKuroInkH Posts: 3
    And what happens if the app is not for the Oculus Stroe?
    Is there a way to skip the entitlement?
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