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Oculus Audio SDK Unreal Integration

alexandra.verzieralexandra.verzier Posts: 1
edited March 12 in Unreal Development

I was very hyped by the technology presented for the new audio SDK and wanted to use it in Unreal.
I installed the engine from the Oculus branch on github. (so it's 4.21 + 1.34)
But it seems like its not working ... At least the propagation part. The functions are actually there, I can tag the meshes and add a OculusAudioGeometry and OculusAudioMaterial, but then it doesnt do anything to the sound.

So I wanted to know, am I doing something horribly wrong or is it just not implemented yet?

Also is it easy to integrate / use in Unity ? I could consider switching then. For me the most important are reflections (especially, early reflections).

thanks, cheers
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