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How to get rift show HDMI video feed bare metal

OhioIonOhioIon Posts: 1

I want to view the output of my video processing board (Xilinx Zynq SoC or 7-series FPGA) on the rift. I power the rift with a power bank and send the OU stereo video feed directly via HDMI to the VR headset. So I'm not actually using any of the motion or head tracking stuff. There is also only the rift involved so no PC, Oculus home, SDK, whatsoever. I only want display HDMI feed and maybe also use the headphones by encoding audio in HDMI signal.

My problem is that once I put on the headset the rift won't activate the screens.

Is there any special resolution or data encoding format or refresh rate required on the HDMI connection in order to accept my feed?

Is there some initialization sequence necessary via USB to activate the displays within rift?


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