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Crashing on Join Session for build with Oculus Go

mp_vradminmp_vradmin Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Unreal Development
I'm working on a multiplayer project for the Oculus Go (Using Unreal 4.21 Launcher version). I've been able to create a build and upload it to the store for alpha. I can host a session on one Oculus Go just fine. And the second can search and find the session. However I'm running into an issue when I attempt to join a session on the second Oculus Go device. It Immediately crashes to the home screen. I've attempted changing to different maps. Sanity checking every plugin I have. And escalated it with friends who speak about the Samsung error (As seen in crash logs supplied) But no one knows how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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