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ovr-platform-util closing whenever I try and open it

It doesn't seem like it's possible to upload builds over 1GB by web anymore, so I tried to use the command line util as requested but as soon as I launch it it closes without explanation. Has anyone else seen this? I've tried it on 3 machines and seen the same behavior on all 3.


  • camtynes_PNNLcamtynes_PNNL Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    edited April 2019
  • AlanOTooleAlanOToole Posts: 135 Oculus Start Member
    Hey @FoxNextScott that sounds like you're needing to use the command line arguments the tool provides, which @camtynes_PNNL hit the nail on the head. Basically what that means is you need to provide a few configuration options and then run it since it is all text-based.

    I'd check out that video I made, it should probably help! If not, ask away and I'll see what else I can do.

  • michealbarnesmichealbarnes Posts: 1

    Are you running MSI Afterburner or any other system monitoring tool like that? I've had it interfere with setup programs in a similar fashion before. Other than that, check your Windows Application Event Log by searching for Event Viewer in the Start menu and opening Windows Logs->Application or Windows Logs->Setup. Any error messages in there paste them here.

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