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How to pass VRC.PC.Performance.3 (maintain 90fps) for loading

james_luejames_lue Posts: 20
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I just read https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/latest/concepts/vrc-pc-performance-3/, it says that it's acceptable if I have a loading screen. 
Now I use OVROverlay to make loading screen, but will the VRC validator know that there is an overlay when it's loading? 
The VRC validator still reports the fps test failed even I use the overlay, so I wonder who can decide if the loading overlay is acceptable when the fps is low?



  • james_luejames_lue Posts: 20
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    sorry, just to clarify, I use the overlay when I load a new scene
  • james_luejames_lue Posts: 20
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    any helps?
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 830
    An overlay should be fine. Just be sure to render it to the compositor before starting your load sequence
  • james_luejames_lue Posts: 20
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    Thank you Mike
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