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Get Oculus Go unique ID on Unreal

HealthyMindHealthyMind Posts: 4


I'm trying to get a unique ID offline on the Oculus Go that can be persistant between resets or at least between oculus updates. I was using at first the Persistent Unique Device ID from the Mobile Utils Plugin Project(https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/community-content-tools-and-tutorials/86113-free-mobile-utils-mobile-community-project) but the ID of some of my oculus changed after oculus updates, it also changed between resets.

I tried different others functions but none of them seems to work :

  • FAndroidMisc::GetLoginId() and FPlatformMisc::GetLoginID() does not return a persistent ID

  • FAndroidMisc::GetDeviceId() and FPlatformMisc::GetDeviceID() does not return a persistent ID

  • FAndroidMisc::GetMacAdressString() and FPlatformMisc::GetMacAdressString() returns nothing

  • FAndroidMisc::GetUniqueDeviceId() and FPlatformMisc::GetUniqueDeviceID() always returns the same string

I also tried to use the Get Oculus Identity function from the Online Subsystem Oculus plugin but it is stuck on loading.

Do you have any solution? Is there any solution to even get the serial number?

Thanks for your help,

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