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Can I use OVROverlay to get better 360 video performance?

peter.druggepeter.drugge Posts: 1
Hello, I am developing an Oculus GO app in Unity that shows a 360 video player. So far I have been using a VideoPlayer that renders to a RenderTexture and a sphere with the Skybox/Panoramic shader that uses the same RenderTexture. It works great for most videos. But some videos with a lot of motion "flickers".
I have a video of a skier going down a hill and every time he passes objects close to the camera the object appears twice.
I took a photo of one of the lenses in the GO:
As you can see you can clearly see two sticks where it should only be one. And when you actually look into the glasses the effect is even more obvious. I have tested with a 4096x2048 video. But it doesn't seem to matter if I use higher or lower resolution of the videos. I think it is more a limit in the way I render the video to the sphere.

Now to the question: So I started reading about the OVROverlay today and when I read the documentation it sounded like this could be used to render videos to a sphere with better performance. I tried to setup a scene with an OVROverlay and a video player but I couldn't get it to work in the Oculus GO. I used the SampleFramework 180 degrees video player as a source. But I couldn't get that sample code to run on my GO at all. 

Has anyone used an OVROverlay to render 360 videos?


  • lightsailvrlightsailvr Posts: 7 Oculus Start Member
    I have been trying to get it to work and oculus ships a sample with the unity integration, but the video tears quite badly and the audio looses sync. Oculus gallery is using the same tech and the movie files play excellently there, so I am not sure what I am missing 
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