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Why controller is not registering input after you change the scene?

OCReaperOCReaper Posts: 5
Hello guys!
 I have ran into an issue in my project and cannot find solution so far. I am using OVRPlayerController prefab in my project. I have two scenes, one is offline another is online. I switch them with my  NetworkManager, not overriding anything. OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Touch.PrimaryTouchpad) works in the first scene, but it doen't work after i go online i.e. changing  to online scene. I have another OVRPlayerController as player prefab.
Device is Oculus Go.
Unity version is 201.3.8f1 
Any suggestions?


  • JimRJDMJimRJDM Posts: 8
    Maybe it's something to do with the version of Unity? I've posted a question myself because in order to get the OVR integration working (most of the time) I had to go back to 2018.3.0f2.
    If I run the "Room" scene in the OVR VR folder, it doesn't work properly (for me) in any build later than 2018.3.0f2

  • OCReaperOCReaper Posts: 5
    I will have  to recheck that with a clean project to make sure what it actually has to do with.To know for sure. Will keep Updated.
    @JimRJDM Do you know how to check my current Integration version cause i couldn't find where it is written in my project?
  • OCReaperOCReaper Posts: 5
    I have started a new scene and threw in  a player prefab wrote same lines to test the input and change scenes, duplicated and built both scenes and there is no problem. At this point i am completely lost
  • OCReaperOCReaper Posts: 5
     The reason why it did not work is disqusting. There is a scene dummy to fill in the gap before NetworkManager spawns  the Player. The dummy is basically an OVRPlayerController which has an OVRManager script it. And if you look at the OVRManager script it is destroyed when there is another one. It doesn't matter if an object or a script is disabled it does that on Awake. And as soon as my Player prefab is spawned its OVRManager gets destroyed because there already is one on the scene dummy and then the scene dummy gets disabled. What you get as a result is one an only disabled OVRManager. Always make sure that OVRManager is in the scene and enabled.
    Eh it turns out it was all my fault after all
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