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Unity - Oculus Gear Vr - Android - Integration - UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage not working

Programm1Programm1 Posts: 2
edited April 2019 in Unity Development
I have two projects. They are exactly the same, except that one of them is set up for the Oculus Gear Vr...
Then I export both of these Projects and open them as AndroidStudio Projects.
When i run these now both work exactly as expected.

But when i try to use the UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage - method, the method seems not to be executed in the app with the setup vor VR...
The app doesnt crash, it doesnt show any errors in LogCat and i tried to catch any Throwable but that didnt work either...

(On the App with no VR setup the exact same lines of codes works ...)
I would appreciate any help :D


  • Programm1Programm1 Posts: 2
    (I use Unity 2018.3.3f1 and the latest Oculus Integration package in the Assets Store)
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