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How to Change Camera Height on Player Controller

luciax1307luciax1307 Posts: 1
Unity 2018 2.7f1,   Oculus Utilities v1.32.0,   OVR Plugin v1.32.0,   SDK v1.36.0
Hi, I'm currently adding the OVR player controller component to the LocalAvatarWithGrab prefab.
But I found the OVRcamerarig having a y-offset of 0.675, causing it to float in the air. I don't know what causes that because if I remove the player controller , everything works well.
Plus I was using Eye Level as Tracking Origin Type, because I found it having more weird offesets if I used Floor Level with Player Controller.

So I was wondering if anyone knew how to adjust the height of the camera according to the player controller. And how to adjust the height of the player controller itself.
Thank you.


  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 138
    I think that's under the local avatar - center eye anchor, or one of the eye anchors.  The prefab comes with multiple cameras attached to those anchors.  I've had success putting my camera as a child of the eye anchor.  I think that offset is the distance from the center eye anchor to the hand/controller anchors but not entirely sure.  Hopefully the eye anchors point you in the right direction.
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