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Unity Integration: Entitlements and user info in editor?

JetpackGamesJetpackGames Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member
edited April 2019 in Unity Development
I'm trying to figure out the entitlement and user info/friends stuff for my game with the Oculus Integration... Is there a way to do this in the editor? Entitlement  and user info doesn't seem available using the example scenes like "Platform -> Samples -> SimplePlatformSample",  it says I'm not entitled to use this app and trying to run the "get logged in user's friends" command throws an error: "Must call get_signature first".

I did make a build and upload it to the alpha channel, and add my Oculus account to the users, but I'd like to be able to test all this from the editor.


  • JetpackGamesJetpackGames Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member
    I think I figured it out... from what I can tell, for in-editor if you want to pass the entitlement check you have to use the standalone platform and sign in with your oculus credentials. In order for you built app to pass entitlement, it has to be uploaded as a build to your project, then re-downloaded/installed and launched from the Oculus library. Is this correct?
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