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Building a VR Lab for 32 middle school students, have questions about using Go in education

eloeswickeloeswick Posts: 9
I'm designing a VR Lab with Go/Quest units to be used at our school, Bayside Academy MS, in San Mateo.  We are fully funded by a grant from Gilead Sciences and the lab will open in August 2019. I have several questions regarding using Oculus Go/Quest in a school VR lab and was referred to the Developer Forum by Oculus support.  We are working with Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab to evaluate the learning opportunities in VR in a school setting.  I have a number of questions about using VR with a class of 32 students and have not found a connection to an Education group at Oculus. I've attached some background information about what we are doing. If there is someone who can answer questions about casting with multiple units, faster ways to load content, and several other issues that are specific to VR in education I would appreciate the chance to talk with them.  I'm also looking for any other school that has a VR lab.
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