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Stupid new ASW breaks everything!!!

For example the classic Overlay-Quad-Layer depth intersection does now work anymore, and there is no way to disable this new ASW. I just want something like the good old Async-Timewarp, or at least an option to enable the classic ASW frame interpolation (since we never miss frames anyway). Now there is constant false jittery offset interpolation dependent on scale, were we added the scaling to the Matrix to work for Overlay Quad Layer intersection with our rendered environments. (This is because we always provide new rendered frames, but they may be late one frame. This was perfect with the capability to provide the corresponding Matrix, but now the shitty new ASW makes false assumptions again!) Also the new ASW is not as good as it could be, why don't you guys just do reprojection with gap filling? When I hold rendering I can clearly see it only shifts a quad, depth information is not used as promoted. Can't tell how pissed I am of developing for Oculus C++ API (LibOVR) because it constantly breaks compatibility with things established for years and when it does, there is not even useful documentation on this. Developers are left alone and have to reverse engineer all the time.


  • thewhiteambitthewhiteambit Posts: 306
    edited April 2019
    The fix could be really easy: Add an option to the C++ API to choose from the different warping options:

    -Classic Timewarp (rotation only)
    -ASW with frame interpolation
    -ASW with depth buffers

    -Force 45 fps with selected warp
    -Force 45 fps without warp
    -Disable 45 fps force
    -Auto if you want
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