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An APK with a higher version code has previously been uploaded (code: 11, channels: 1)

barry.greenbarry.green Posts: 12
I keep getting this error when I try to upload my FIRST build to the alpha channel. 

I even made a new app in developer.oculus.com with zero builds submitted, created a new keystore and rebuilt, resigned and resubmitted it and I keep getting that error.  Whether I use the CLI or the GUI (via developer.oculus.com), it uploads and during step 2 (validating) it fails with that error.

In my player settings under "Other Settings", I have Version* set to 0.1, and Bundle Version Code set to 1.

Full steps I took:

1. Create new keystore:
keytool -genkey -keystore ta.keystore -alias ta -keyalg RSA -validity 36500

2. Set this keystore in Unity under Player Settings -> Publishing Settings -> Check "Use Existing Keystore" -> Browse button -> selected ta.keystore.  Then under the "Key" section, clicked dropdown and selected "ta" alias and entered password.

3. Built app called abuild1.apk

4. Signed the apk via:
jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore C:\MyApp\ta.keystore C:\MyApp\bin\abuild1.apk ta

5. Uploaded using the CLI tool:
ovr-platform-util.exe upload-mobile-build --app_id XXXXXX --app_secret XXXXXXX --apk C:\MyApp\bin\abuild1.apk --channel Alpha --notes "First"
Then it uploads and during step 2 I get the following complete error:

An APK with a higher version code has previously been uploaded (code: 11, channels: 1). The version code must be monotonically increasing, and the provided code is too low (alpha). If you are trying to downgrade to a previous build, update the version code before proceeding to ensure functionality across Oculus devices.

All I want to do is upload my first build so I can test some features. :(

Best Answer

  • barry.greenbarry.green Posts: 12
    Accepted Answer
    So it turns out that this terrible error message - that doesn't explain anything or help - was totally unrelated to anything you'd expect.  IT WAS THE OCULUS INTEGRATION PACKAGE VERSION (1.35)!

    I had Oculus Integration 1.35 (the newest one from a week or so ago) and that has build issues related to AndroidManifest.xml (which I had resolved) and the builds - if you ever get it to build - get rejected by the oculus store.

    The fix

    I had to manually replace the Assets/Oculus folder with version 1.29 (which I luckily had found on an older computer of mine).

    Tip: don't ever update your Oculus Integration. This package should be considered beta or something, because it's barely usable.


  • MikeSwansonMikeSwanson Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    @barry.green I've also had issues that require us to use older versions of the SDK, but the one version I don't have captured is 1.29. Would you be willing to share the .assetpackage somewhere? I'd be extremely grateful.
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