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Using Oculus Notification API to add captions to existing VR game

mdrejhonmdrejhon Posts: 28
Brain Burst
I am a deaf software developer.  (I am the founder of Blur Busters, by the way!)

I discovered one of my VR games (which has no subtitles) writes its dialogue to a logfile. This gave me a brilliant idea. I can write an app that monitors the text written and sends notifications to me in VR, via the Oculus Notifications API.  However, it seems that notifications have to go through Oculus' server before they show as popups in my VR headset.

- What is the rate limit of the current Oculus Notifications API?
- Do notifications have to go through the server via a REST API call, or is there a local-to-local notifications API mechanism?

Thank you!
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