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Customised avatars in non-store applications

Does anybody know if it's possible to display the user's customised oculus avatar in a non-store application anymore? The problem we're having is that we have support for ovrAvatar in our application but when querying the platform api for a user ID we always get back the user id 0 which results in the default blue avatar.

I should note that we distribute our application directly and it wouldn't be appropriate to distribute it through the oculus store (it's not a game).

The code we're using looks something like the following:
ovr_PlatformInitializeWindows(our_app_id); // returns ovrPlatformInitialize_Success
user_id = ovr_GetLoggedInUserID(); // returns 0
As noted, ovr_GetLoggedInUserID() always returns 0. We've also tried using the async api to no avail. ovr_PlatformInitializeWindows gives us two telling errors:
GetSignatureToken get_signature error: Missing entitlement for <appid> (1971031)
GetUserID failed: Must call get_signature first (1971051)
It seems that this check succeeds if the user has our appid in their oculus library, and as suggested by https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/platform/1.13/concepts/pgsg-get-started-with-sdk/#pgsg-getstarteswithSDK-section-4 there's a way we can make this succeed for our devs by adding a build to the store and adding their oculus accounts as developers, but not for our customers.

It's worth noting at this point that I also tried the sample for ovrAvatar and it has the same issue, in that it always displays the default avatar.

The page here suggests that it should now be possible: https://developer.oculus.com/blog/oculus-avatars-now-cross-platform-/
For this initial release, it will be possible to query the Avatar for an Oculus user from any app that uses the SDK.
But the documentation suggests that you need to initialize the platform sdk to get user ids, which appears to only be possible for store apps.

Does anybody know if what we're trying to do is possible? It seems counter intuitive that you'd need to be running an oculus store app in order to see your customised avatar since using the oculus already requires the oculus software.
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