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How can I use my own Volume Control? From Unity and Oculus GO.

YalfbalYalfbal Posts: 13
I want to overwrite the default volume control windows that appears when the volume buttons are pressed.
In "Native" I read this : "You may override automatic volume display handling if necessary by setting VRAPI_FRAME_FLAG_INHIBIT_VOLUME_LAYER as an ovrFrameParm flag." But I don't know how to use that from Unity.


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 959
    i dont think you can bypass the hardware set volume levels since that removes global audio control of the device from the player. By the looks of that API call you mentioned it would only hide the compositor element that is rendered to the display when the user presses one of the volume buttons. 

    It might not be what you're looking for, but if its just adding an additional volume control layer within your application that you're after i'd recommend looking into unity's audio mixer API which you could tie into an in application UI for controlling volume 
  • YalfbalYalfbal Posts: 13
    No, I don't want to overwrite the way the device sets the volume, I just want to use my own display for the volume, not the default one that Oculus shows automatically when the volume buttons are pressed.
  • rivieregriviereg Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member

    Did you find how to set VRAPI_FRAME_FLAG_INHIBIT_VOLUME_LAYER as an ovrFrameParm flag ?, I'm trying to do this from unity,

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