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Only approved for Oculus Keys

VR-HouseVR-House Posts: 5 Oculus Start Member


Our latest VR application “EZ360 Cloud: CMS to distribute 360° content” has been approved for keys only. Common reasons why apps are approved for keys are “when the content is too advertorial, there's no compelling consumer use case, or the app is so low quality that it doesn't really work.”

Our application is not too advertorial, since we do not advertise any brands. We only have our own name and website in the application, but this also occurs in other applications that were approved (there are also similar video applications in the store).

The EZ360 Cloud application has a compelling consumer use case, as it enables consumers to easily playback 360 degree content of their own or of others that they have granted access to. People that have a 360 video that they would like to distribute through our application will ask their viewers (consumers) to download the “EZ360 Cloud” app to play their videos. However, if it is not available in the store, the viewers will not be able to find it. Working with keys only is in this case confusing and not efficient for the end-users.

Finally, the app is of high quality and works properly.

We would therefore like to have the application approved for the Oculus Store. If we need to adjust the application for this to happen, we would like to know what needs to be changed so we can meet the requirements.

I have tried reaching out to [email protected] and made an Oculus ticket already, but without result. We were pointed to the general best practice guide and this forum. Hopefully we can get some useful feedback on what we should change to the application for it order to be available from the Oculus store via this way.

Kind regards,

Laurens van Roomen
EZ360 team


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