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Can anyone provide working Unity QUICKMATCH/Matchmaking code?

JeffNikJeffNik Posts: 137
edited April 2019 in Unity Development
I spent all day and evening trying to get a QUICKMATCH matchmaking session working in my Unity environment, and I was hoping that someone has a basic Unity project that I can study to get it working. I think I have all the APP ID / Test User stuff setup. My visual studio environment is set to use the test user login, and I'm doing a build-to-executable to run the second instance of the app on the same computer, which is using my real Oculus account. I have setup my QUICKMATCH pool (2 users) on the Oculus dashboard, and in my code I use Enqueue2 to become available for matching. I get the OnMatchFound notification correctly, then use Join2 to join the room provided in the received message. Join2 succeeds, and eventually, I get a room update notice, and I see my 2 users in the "UsersOptional" array. At this point, I believe I'm supposed to call Oculus.Platform.Matchmaking.StartMatch with the room ID for my room. But it always errors out, saying "There is no active match associated with this room". I have checked the Room and Matchmaking Debugger tool on the Oculus site, and everything looks good. The room id I pass in is valid, and I see my two users in the room. Is it possible that I don't need to call StartMatch because the platform has already started the match behind the scenes, and I can just start passing data now?
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