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Mobile Build Dashboard Warnings, No Explanation Of Warnings

Getting warnings from the mobile upload dashboard about permissions and I don't know how to debug this issue.

When I upload a new APK to the mobile build dashboard, the verification takes hours. The Test Status column displays "Complete" in blue, but below it is the yellow text "There were warnings while testing your binary, please visit the Test Results Page". When I click on the drop-down and select Show Test Results, I am shown a report with green checkmarks for everything except "Additional Validation Test Results", with a red X icon next to "Compatibility Tests".

The only message displayed is "Compatibility Tests" "Oculus Go" and "This app uses permission(s) that are not compatible with this device." This is unhelpful as it does not tell me which permissions it thinks my app is requesting. My AndroidManifest.xml file is exactly the same as the manifest file of a previous APK build that did not have this issue, so I'm not sure how to diagnose this.

I'm building this project in Unity 2018.3.12f with OVRP_1_35_0 and it runs without issue when I sideload it onto my Oculus Go using ADB.


  • tkeene_vspatialtkeene_vspatial Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    Huh, for some reason the test results are showing up today with android.permission enumerated values.
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