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Any way to receive ANT+ for Oculus GO?

gedo831gedo831 Posts: 19
Brain Burst
I am trying to develop a bicycle game using indoor trainer for Oculus GO.
There is a standard signal format called ANT+ and many indoor trainer and bicycle computer use the format.
I built a test app for Oculus GO and then hit play, a dialogue showed up but the dialogue does not seemed to be tweaked for Oculus GO and I could do nothing with the dialogue which was supposed to jump me to some kind of download link for the driver of USB ANT+ receiver dongle.
Without downloading driver, my test app did not work properly, of course.
How do I add the USB ANT+ dongle driver to my Oculus GO?
Or how I can make USB ANT+ driver work with my Oculus GO?

I am using Advanced ANT+ asset with Unity.
I am not sure if this dialogue was shown by the Advanced ANT+ or by the custom Android on Oculus GO...



  • hacarohacaro Posts: 7 Oculus Start Member
    have you find a solution ? i'm in the same situation.  
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