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Lightweight Render Pipeline Avatar Shaders

RyanMersusRyanMersus Posts: 1

I was just wondering if there are plans to create Avatar shaders which are compatible with Unity's Lightweight Render Pipeline in the near future?
Currently they render in pink as they are not compatible. We make frequent use of the LWRP VR as the advantages help a lot performance wise, however this stops us from using the Avatar resources in apps which we would prefer to include.

It would be great if there'd be some support or information regarding this.


  • StefferpStefferp Posts: 9 Oculus Start Member
    Since customizable render pipelines are out of beta now I think this needs to happen soon. Especially with the Quest around the corner and performance being even more crucial than before, people will definitely want to use LWRP.
  • stevehinanstevehinan Posts: 142
    edited February 10
    Any news on this?
    I just tested Oculus Integration 13 on Unity 2019.3 URP and Avatar is still pink.
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