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Is there a way to get more information on the Oculus Business Software?

Hi Everyone,

I run a VR company that as Josh Bersin said it 'is democratizing VR training'. We have created a platform on which companies can easily create, distribute and analyze vr trainings (based on interactive 360˚ video). After doing many successful pilots for our (Fortune 500) clients they are really interested in implementing our VR training solution in the entire business. We now have some questions that need to be answered. However, it seems to be difficult to get into contact with Oculus business because we get rerouted to a sales partner in Europe when doing inquiries. I guess that the only way to get more understanding of what Oculus for Business has to offer is to just buy the Business headsets (and we are going to do this). But somehow I wanted to see if this is the only way to get this information, or if the Oculus community has more information about it. So here it goes:

We noticed the following text on the Oculus Business webpage (https://www.oculusforbusiness.com/products/):

Software Subscription:

  • The first year of your annual software subscription is included, and comes with enterprise-grade support and business-focused features that help manage multiple devices seamlessly.

Is it possible to get some more information/documentation about this software and what it does? We want to advise our enterprise customers on how they can roll-out our Warp VR ( https://warpvr.com ) solution in their business but cannot tell anything about what it is what Oculus offers outside of the normal marketing texts. My wish would be to write a blog about it so we can inform all our customers about it (and Oculus community for that matter). But it would also be awesome if there is already is a blog about this if so let me (and everyone else) know! 

Furthermore, it would be nice if there is a way for a B-2B company like us to get on some kind of mailing list where we get updated on developments about Oculus for Business. Is there someplace where a company like us can subscribe?

Kind regards,

Adriaan Rijkens
Co-founder & CTO Warp VR

[email protected]


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