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Full dive VR

OQrockOQrock Posts: 5
When you sleep you release a chemical called aminobutyric acid (gama) if you were able to get the brain to release this chemical without being in REM sleep, then you could stop all movement in the real world but keep them in the game. This is similar to sleep paralysis where you're sending the signal to move your arm for example, but you can't because the gama hasn't left the muscle yet leaving it, in a sense, paralyzed. If you use that to your advantage, you could add a split off of an existing nerve, permanent or not, but the muscles won't move because there ”paralyzed” then giving the effect of the nerve being redirected. I am unsure of the effects gama would have on the muscle if released multiple times. I would like to make nerve gear a reality however I am only 13 years old, so hopefully, no one makes it before me, won't be surprised if they do though.
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