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How to upload an Oculus Go user avatar to the Oculus Rift platform.

I want the users of Go and Rift to be in the same room and use their avatars. Users using the Rift can only see the avatars of the Rift users but cannot see the avatar of the users of Go and vice versa. The Users.GetLoggedInUser () function returns a different id for Go and Rift of the same user. How can this be fixed?


  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    @programistunity ; -- each of your apps will currently have a different app-scoped ID for a given user. In order to enable them to co-mingle, you need to first set up an app grouping (see documentation). This allows both apps to be speaking in terms of the same user IDs.

    Hope this helps!

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