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Dash Error "Fatal Error, reload Dash"

ocuyongbiocuyongbi Posts: 4
Hello, I am Yongbum Kim.

I have been developing Oculus CV1 application with Unity since 2017.
I have never experienced any problem & any error so far, but
2 months ago, I could not run Oculus app plugged to Unity in CV1 display.
There is only one "Fatal Error, reload Dash" massage.
I have changed the latest Nvidia GPU driver and changed the latest Intel Graphic drivers, and
changed Unity versions (5.6.4p3 / 2019.1.1 / 2018 ....), and changed Oculus Integration for Unity (1.14 ~ 1.36),
and reinstall Oculus Rift software or repair or applied patch, but all treatments are useless.
I changed computer to solve it, and reinstall OS systems, but was useless.
The singular thing is that without CV1 being plugged to Unity there is no errors, of course is no the above error.
I think the latest Oculus rift software is not compatible smoothly with Unity developing environment.

I want to know if there is a recent case of symptoms like me and ask for advice.

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