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Can we expect an updated Rift-S / Quest accessories guide / CAD files?

Being both a VR and 3d printing enthusiast, I do a bit of custom accessory hacking, and was wondering if there are plans to release new CAD files for the updated Rift-S/Quest touch controls, and if so, when might we expect them?

Fun times, primed and ready for a paint job!


  • ipunderstandipunderstand Posts: 2
    Dear god, I hope so. I'm trolling around here to design and 3d print a hard plastic face cover with ventilation
  • SmithRCSmithRC Posts: 1
    Any news on this? (I'm new to the Dev area - It might be obvious and I've not seen them)
  • EmpathicBat1512EmpathicBat1512 Posts: 3
    fyi, the Rift S and Quest's Touch  3d model is available now. i can't find that page anymore, you need to google it. I do have the zip though. not sure if I'm allowed to upload
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