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Cross-buy options

tommosaurtommosaur Posts: 35 Oculus Start Member
I saw there has been some news about some devs offering cross-buy for free or not for different Rift and Quest games.
As a developer i totally understand if many devs just can't offer cross-buy for free, it is really a bunch of work to add support for another hardware spec, so that work time has to be financed somehow.

What i would like would be if Oculus could add an option for devs which allows them to offer a discount for users who already have the game on another platform or to buy a game for both platforms with a discount compared to if one bought it separately for both platforms.

That's something i would like to offer for games i work on and i think would make it more attractive for users to buy games on both platforms when they see such a discounted option than if they have to pay full price on both.

So just throwing that in as suggestion =)
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