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Alpha channel in oculus

matthias30matthias30 Posts: 1
Hey everyone,

at the moment I am working on my own Oculus Go App which contains videos which have alpha channels. Unfortunately this is not really working . I have 2 problems. If I start the App on Oculus Go without alpha channel the video is very rough. The other problem is that with alpha channel the video is not even played on the oculus Go.
Can anyone support me with my issue? Thank you in advanced.



  • CatDevPeteCatDevPete Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
    Not sure if it's the case anymore, but is your video in a .webm format? That's the only format we found that might allow for alpha channels. Here's the guide we followed: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/VideoTransparency.html

    Also, if you aren't doing so, I would recommend trying to get video transparency (and the video) working on a normal Unity PC/android build first, before deploying it onto the oculus go.
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