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Katana slicing Matrix bullets on Oculus Quest

VerumbitQuestVerumbitQuest Posts: 9
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edited June 2019 in Unreal Development
I'm developing a small project to recreate a slicing bullet game scene with katana. 
Enemies will fire bullets and bullet speed will slow down when very close to the player. 
I'm creating bullet waves around the bullet (like in matrix).  
Bullets will be bigger than real dimension in order to let the player slice them vertically, horizontally, any angle with katana or any other sword.
When bullet are close to the player time will slow down for all the scene except the player that will be able to move faster and slice all the bullets around him.
Player will be able also to slice enemies (skeleton slice) and scene objects around (static meshes).
To develop this apk I'm using Unreal Engine 4.22, packaging apk for oculus quest.


  • VerumbitQuestVerumbitQuest Posts: 9
    Brain Burst
    Here a video of the scene in 3rd person. Slicing blade can be applied also to VR hands.

    I'll put this slicing package on the UE4 Marketplace soon.
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 982
    maybe show it in vr, 
  • VerumbitQuestVerumbitQuest Posts: 9
    Brain Burst
    Yes, 1st step is to make it work propely in 3rd person view (or 1st person view). Once completed I'll port it on the Oculus Quest and adapt the slicing logic to the Quest controllers. 
    The big difference is to understand when the katana can slice or not: in 3rd or 1st pers. I can mark the animations in order to set to True the moment the katana can potentially slice a mesh, while in VR this is not possible because there are no animations so I was thinking in using the angular velocity of the controllers so that a hand movement can make the katana cut only if the hand velocity is strong enough (over a specific limit). 
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