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How to "separate" Oculus GO from primaryIndexTrigger

BreadlineBreadline Posts: 1

In my Oculus GO app I'm creating a menu that pops up whenever is pressed. The primaryIndexTrigger triggers events when I push in-game objects with it. I am able to open the menu with easy, but the problem is that both of the buttons trigger events of game objects when pressed while pointing towards them. I would like to disable this from the I've been trying to study the OVRInput script but found nothing (I'm pretty new to this).


  • didiertidodidiertido Posts: 1
    edited August 13
    Hey, sorry for necro-ing this but I'm having a similiar issue where the trigger on the Go controller is triggering OVRInput.RawButton.A too. Were you able to solve it? This may give me some clues on what to try. I also checked everything on OVRInput and OVRInputModule. (I know GO doesn't have A button. It's for Rift and Quest cross development)
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