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Is it possible to update DLC/Expansion files WITHOUT submitting a new APK

VonHuntVonHunt Posts: 7
edited May 2019 in Store Submissions
As the title suggests, I was wondering if there is a way to update the DLC / expansion files for a submitted build without having to upload an entirely new APK alongside it? I have a situation where I need to change the DLC files for a build fairly often, but would like to avoid having to build and submit another version incremented apk everytime I do so. 


  • zeroonedeveloperzeroonedeveloper Posts: 3
    I would also like to know the answer to this question?
  • www.ModHaus.infowww.ModHaus.info Posts: 12
    edited November 2019
    @VonHunt Yes, I thought this is the way it should be. It seems counter-productive to have to uploaded a new APK each time. It takes much longer and the files are unchanged from the version which includes DLC updates. Please do something about this, Oculus! It seems that their instructions show a command line which doesn't need a launch file parameter or version number, yet when I try to use their exact command to upload our own DLC content, the utility errors and says "missing required arguments: version, launch-file." When those are added back into the UploadBuild.bat (We had created an UploadDLC.bat, just because the process was cleaner to be separated) it then wants all of the full base app files. We am planning on releasing new DLC in stages, and won't have it all finished up front. The current system is highly inefficient for our needs.

    As an aside: The DLC submission will take each individual file and create a new DLC asset from them. This doesn't seem to be a practical way to handle DLC, especially since we are planning on releasing full levels which require many new assets. By using UnrealFrontEnd and having the "UnrealPak" option enabled, it reduces the files--but a submission for one new level results in two separate DLC files: one .sig and one .pak. Ideally, each DLC would use only file (or be able to contain multiple files grouped into one package)
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