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UE4 / Quest / Vulkan - Proper Render/Project Settings?

RapidTDRapidTD Posts: 1
Tried creating a simple test project with both the Oculus UE4 branch and Epic's latest 4.22 branch and if I enable Vulkan (ES2 and ES3.1 work fine ) I always get a crash on application launch. Tried all the settings I could find across the various Oculus and Epic documentation. Does anyone have this working currently that could share their basic project settings? Is it just broke in 4.22?



  • imaekgamesimaekgames Posts: 2
    I too had to disable Vulkan to get my project to NOT crash, I feel your pain, I want that Vulkan performance boost.
  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 93
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited June 11
    Same question here:
    On https://developer.oculus.com/blog/down-the-rabbit-hole-w-oculus-quest-the-hardware-software/ it states the Quest supports Vulkan. UE 4.22 also supports Vulkan. So why does even the most simple app deployed on the Quest that uses Vulkan crash at launch?

    Edit: according to this post, you need to disable multi-view and FFR for Vulkan to work. Will test asap but wouldn't fps drop a lot by doing so?

    Edit2: No luck. at least I see my splash screen at loading. Immediate crash afterwards.

    Edit3: apparently it still needs a future Oculus Quest runtime update for Vulkan to work.

  • C4RL05C4RL05 Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
    Same issue here: Blank project app crashes on launch when Vulkan is enabled.
    But it runs after disabling MultiView (FFR was already off). Also switched on arm64.
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